Our Mission

The mission of Mitchell Stark Enterprises (“MSE”) is to create a highly innovative and
interactive online news and informational multi-media platform. We will do this by utilizing our
expertise in reflecting the needs of an often-neglected population in many urban areas in New

By combining contemporary and newsworthy internet and mobile content, with interactive portals and user-generated uploads, we will quickly create deep viewer loyalty. Our goals are to connect with the Black and Brown communities in Northeast cities by presenting their stories on our media platform. This type of media gives viewers a look at a variety of world experiences, from upbeat contemporary African American, Latino, and Millennial perspectives. Our urban online platform will provide access to stories and dissertations of facts that are often overlooked by mainstream media outlets. We will give our audience programming that follows their interests and, most importantly, focuses on their own lives.

The mainstream news media constantly misses opportunities to tell the true stories of African Americans, and our lack of access to tell our own stories leaves a bitter taste in many communities of color, fostering resentment and loss of enthusiasm in local news content.

Main Objective

Our main objective is to reinvigorate the interest in local Black news programming and content
by presenting stories “for us created by us,” therefore, ensuring that the message is honestly
designed to benefit our citizenry. By honestly presenting stories that affect Black and Brown
individuals, we will help combat the apathy for over a million residents of color in New England.
In Massachusetts, the Bay State Banner has a historic reputation for linking its readers with news and information that’s vital to their prosperity. Our platform will expand its audience throughout
New England where many people of color live, but who have no cohesive news outlets that
match their needs.

Currently, the Banner is one of a few papers in New England that communicates the needs of
underserved communities. Only one other state in New England’s six-state region has a Blackthemed weekly.